Minggu, 29 November 2015

Where Visits In Bandung

If you love to shopping, karaoke, watching movies, playing ice skating, and playing game such Game Master, you can hang out with your friends or your beloved family to Paris Van Java Mall or we called it PVJ. It is located in Sukajadi no. 131-139 street. It is a very big mall and its architecture is very unique because its not like the other mall. The environment is outdoor with lined cafes. The stores is also lined. The parking area is filled with hung lamp. 

If you're a shopaholic, there are branded stores such H&M, Bershka, Stradivarius, Mango, NL, Zara, Topshop and Topman, M&S, and many more. Or, if you're a film lover, it had a cinema, CGV Blitz at 1-2nd floor. And if you love to play games such pump it up, virtual racing, basketball, Game Master is there for you. Vista is there as a karaoke. You can sing many songs with your beloved one.

The most interesting spot in PVJ is Gardenice. You can play or practice if you're a figure skater in Gardenice as you wish! You just need to pay 75.000 and you can play full day. If you're tired or want to walk around you can walk out there and ask for stamp to play ice skating again.

Beside mall, Bandung also has another interesting place. One of them is Kampung Gajah Wonderland, located in Sersan Bajuri Street K.M. 38. There is a lot of rides such as Flying fox, ATV, mini ATV, bom-bom car, motor golf, waterbed and many other fun rides. You can go to Kampung Gajah Wonderland with your friends, family, cousins, and you will have a lot of fun and exciting experience!

Kamis, 19 November 2015

A Fun Trip to Dufan

Do you know what Dufan is? Dufan is Dunia Fantasi. Dufan is a national theme park located in Jakarta. I've been to Dufan when i was a kid. If i count how many times i've visited Dufan, it's like so many times. On Monday, 26th October, me and Social class of 3 Senior High School were having a trip. We went to Dufan by bus. We were having a lot of fun and we hung out with all my friends. It was an amazing time. We're not just playing but we must do a research about people's opinion of Dufan.

At 5.30 a.m. we left the school to go to dufan. On the bus, i sat with my friend, Tiara. She's new at Social Class but we are close enough to each other. On the way to Dufan the bus stopped at the rest area one time. During the trip, we're look so happy. We sang, we told stories and some riddles, and many more.

As we arrived the weather was hot but we still had spirit to try all of the rides. First, me, Tiara, Ismi, Oi, Intan, Adi, Anin, and Preston rode Hysteria. It was so scary and thrilling. The next one, we rode Kora-kora. I love kora-kora because it feels like we're on a boat on a stormy seas. After playing kora-kora, we chose to try ontang-anting. Ontang-anting is like a giant swings that's always spinnig. Because it is always spinning, we feel dizzy. It was scary because it feels like we're flying. After that we tried a ride that always exist in every theme park in the world, roller coaster. The roller coaster in Dufan named halilintar. We felt a little bit nauseous because it  spins 360 degrees. Then, we went to my favourite ride,  pontang-panting. I think it's extremely fun but, my friend didn't like it because after playing pointing-panting she felt dizzy and nauseous. After playing pontang-panting, we rode some other rides. And the last one is Ice Age. It is new at Dufan and it's also fun. So it's like riding a boat in north pole  and it's cold but when we got to the Mesozoikum area, it got warmer. The most exciting part is when the boat went down the stream really fast and we got wet.

Then after this happy day, we had to go home. We gathered in front of the carousele and the teachers checked the student's presence. After it is complete, we got on the bus and went home to Bandung. It was an exciting and also tiring day.

Minggu, 20 September 2015

My New Friend

Hello, now i'm going to tell you about my new friend.
On the first day of school i met my new friend, her name is Ismi. Ismi came from 9 Junior High School.  She was born on 3rd of August so, now she is 15 years old. She is beautiful and smart. She wears glasses. She has slanted eye and long wavy hair just like me. In a free time of lessons ismi and i used to go to bazaar (canteen in my school) and bought foods and dinks. The unique side of her is her laugh. Her voice sounds funny everytime she laughs.She used to tie her hair by hairpin  (we call it jedai).

Ismi joined the extracurriculer PMR and she told me she wants to join Band 3, BM 3, and Jepret 3 for the next extracurriculer.
Ok that's all thank you!

Kamis, 20 Agustus 2015

Compliment Dialogue

(At the classroom)

Ismi                 : Hey Faza, how are you doing?
Faza                 : Hello Ismi. I'm very well. How about you?
Ismi                 : Pretty good. Hey Faza, I've heard that you've won the English   
                         Competition. Is that true?
Faza                 : Yes Ismi, that's true.
Ismi                 : Wow! That's amazing! You are really great in English!
Faza                 : Thank you Ismi, you too!

(Ambria enters the classroom)

Faza                  : Hey Ambria! Did you had finish your Math Test?
Ambria              : Yes, I had.
Faza                  : How was the result? 
Ambria              : Gladly I got 100!
Faza                  : That's excellent! You must be love math!
Ambria              : (Laugh) Yes I do love math.

(Bell rings)

Faza                 : Okay, Bye Ismi & Ambria! I must get back to my class.
Ismi & Ambria   : Okay, Bye Faza!

- Ambria Rahma
- Faza Fariha Zhafira
- Ismi Nurul Izza
Hi everyone! My full name is Ambria Rahma Widiastuti but you can only call me Ambria. I'm a sagitarius type of person and born on December 6th. I'm a 90's kid because i born in year 1999. I'm a student of 3 Senior High School in Bandung, one of the best school in the city. Since i was in the 6th grade of elementary school i really want to school in here. Alhamdulillah, finally i can be a part of 3's student by achievment in ice skating competition. I was graduated from Taruna Bakti Junior High School before i school here. It is very different enviroment between 3 and Taruna Bakti. I love to school in 3 and also in Taruna Bakti. 

I'm a social student. It's my choice to be a social student with hope, i will be the best in class. seems ambitious but it keeps me motivated.

In Junior High School, i was joined the cheerleading squad of Taruna Bakti (CHARTS). Im a really proud cheerleader because we had won most of all competitions. Our team color is Blue and Yellow, our pride. My position is a backbase who will catch the flyer from back.

I'm also a figure skater. I started to skate on ice when i was about 5 years old when the ice rink located in Istana Plaza (IP) but now, the ice rink moved to Paris Van Java or usually we call that PVJ. I started the ice skating lesson when i was in 5th grade. My first competition is Skate Jakarta in Mall Taman Anggrek. The first time i follow the competition is on April. The ice rink was really huge than in Bandung. I was competiting in Bandung, Jakarta, and Malaysia.

About my family, i have 2 siblings; 1 little sister and 1 little brother named Fauriza(sister) and Azka(brother). Both of them school in Taruna Bakti. My sister is a 7th grader (in Acceleration Class) and my brother is a 5th grader student. They also wanted to school in 3 like me. But my brother, Azka he wants to school in between 3 or Taruna Nusantara school. My mom named Devy is a housewife and my dad, Apri is an entrepreneurs.

So, I think that's all.