Kamis, 07 April 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

Education for me is very important to improve human welfare. Education is rights of every people in the world. Therefore education is essentials and urgent. There were some reasons why education is important to build a better future for all. Among them are for job opportunity, decreasing unemployment rate, and improving human welfare.

One of the requirements to get a job is education certificate to show how high our education level is. To compete with other people we need to impress the company with our achievement, our educational background, and where we study. Therefore, education is important for us to get a job opportunity as good as possible.

People with good education can get good job. Beside there are many companies that need employees.  So education that we have can help us to get in. So by getting a job, the unemployment rate is decreasing.

By having education we can get a job and decrease an employment rate. In other words, there are many people who can earn money for their family, By earning money they can do many things to guarantee their families welfare. For example they can get their kids into school, they can feed the family, and fulfil their needs. Inconclution, education can do many things that give advantages for ourselves. And improving human welfare in general. Therefore education builds a better future for all.


My School had a camping trip to Bumi Perkemahan Kiara Payung (Kiara Payung Camping Ground) on December 15th 2014 for 1 day 1 night. We went to Kiara Payung by military truck. The seat was not really comfortable because the surface of the seat was hard. It took approximately 2 hours. Since we took the highway,  the wind was blowing hard so that our hair was messy. Along the journey to Kiara Payung most of my friends were sleeping.

As we arrived, we got off the truck one by one. Since the truck was high, we were helped by Oi. And there was one of my friends that also help with unloading the carriers.  After we carried our bag, the committees asked us to stand in line. After that the leaders of each group, were asked to take camp equipment. And then, we built the tent together. It was successful. The tent was quite big. After that they gave us a break time. So me and my friends decided to take the time for taking pictures. After the break time there was an opening ceremony, continued by scout activities such as learning about morse code, measuring distance using compass, and ropes for hours.

The most interesting event was when we had bonfire. Every class performed art. And there was one class that was singing a mysterious song. While my class performed  a modern dance. It gave me a very good impression.

The next day we hiked the mountain while carrying a balloon filled with water. And we shouldn't break the balloon until we arrived at the last post. Actually there were so many stories to tell. It was really fun and it was my first experience hiking with friends.