Selasa, 17 Mei 2016

Kampung Naga

Kampung Naga is a village in Garut, West Java. Its a traditional village. There is no electricity, gas, or any other modern things. The Villagers reject anything that comes from the outside, which can damage the sustainability of this traditional village. They usually use traditional way to cook. In the night, when the sky turns dark, because of theres no electricity, they use lantern in every house.

Houses in Kampung Naga are the same. The houses appear towards west. It built like that based on their belief. People in Kampung Naga said their house is anti-earthquake building because its shape contains like human body, head(roof), body, and leg(barrier).

Anyone who comes to visit Kampung Naga will be amazed by the beautiful green scenery. Not only that, visitors will also be able to deal directly with the people known for their friendly attitude. 

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